The following is a list including all cities developed up till now in Nyxheim. Some include pages where they are described thoroughly, others not yet. More cities will be added in due time.




Size Race Language Status
Altamira An ancient Moon Elf city said to be the beacon of magick. Its powerful secrets are hidden in the icy mountains of Nifel Loren, and only elf friends are allowed pass. It is the dream of every mage to set foot in its libraries. Medium Moon Elves Eldarin Open
Asrai Nestled in the wilderness of Evergreen, Asrai is a sanctuary for those with ties to the Muse. It is a city for Fae and Elf alike. Medium Wood Elves & Fae Eldarin Open
Grimrah Known as the City of Thieves, Grimrah is the hiding place for outlaws and criminals. Money is the law and violence is its justice. Here you will find the fabled coliseum, guilds of criminals, slave trade, and many other businesses of immoral nature. Small Gorgon Avarin Open
Howldon Chaotic, busy, and sleepless, Howldon is the epitome of democratic big city. It is a world within a world, rich with an incalculable diversity brought from all corners of Nyxheim. It is the largest of all metropolises, and the most powerful. Throughout the years, Howldon has remained at the cutting edge of science, arts, and ideas, and none expect it to lose its potencyand leading role any time soon. Metropolis Multicultural Avarin Open
Neferdrim In the floating mountains of the Alassian Chain the utopic city of the Birds of Paradise can be found. They drink, eat, and breathe beauty. Everyone is welcome for these pacifist Efferii are very generous, but the keen eyes and silent arrows of the Elves protect them. Small Efferii Esferin Open
Malekith This is the sinister citadel of the dark elves, where their deviant culture, magic and technology blossom, to the horror of everybody else. These brutal aggressors tolerate no one, and will invariably kill any would-be visitors that are lucky. Visitors who are invited inside are far less lucky. Large Dark Elves Eldarin Open
Pent-Vael A jungle of stone and wood, this city is no place for any without demonic blood, and even then it is dangerous. You'd be a fool to visit. Large Demons Noldorin Open
Riv Amar This is the capital of the fantasy world and the leading bastion against industrialization. You will find Efferii of all Tribes, Fae, Elves, and even Dragons amongst its population. Metropolis Multicultural Eldarin Open
Salem Originally a human city, Salem took a different path than its sisters. It was a democracy that became a magicracy, and since then all those gifted with magick, human or not, have been welcomed. Rules here are very strict. Medium Multicultural Avarin Open


Name Description Size Race Language Status
Caelin The second largest democratic city after Howldon, Caelin is a trading hub besides the sea. It leads a war against the Undead. Metropolis Multicultural Avarin Open
Eternacht An underground city of unknown depth and size. It is the capital of the Gorgon race, and where their mother Visara the Dreadful rests. Large Gorgon Parsel Open
Isis Known as the Eternal City, Isis has survived the destructions of both the Elder World and the Old World. Its majestic architecture shows the past glory of the Holy Empire and passing of ages of the world. Medium Human Avarin Closed
Aracht Spider Efferii tend to eat foreigners, so it is best you do not try to visit Aracht without a native escort. It is located within the Hallow Lands. If you do get the opportunity to see it, you shall be amazed at their silk architecture and dark, but elegant beauty. Small Efferii Esferin Open
Lux Lux is located on a cliff besides the sea in Caliwind, and it can only be reached by fliers or very skilled climbers. It is the home of the Wings of Day. Small Efferii Esferin Open
Nox Somewhere within Caliwind, on the walls of a great canyon lies the city of the Wings of Night. If you cannot fly, there is no chance of seeing it unless a flier carries you. Small Efferii Esferin Open
Obsidian Capitol of the Ecclesiarchy, the young undead empire that recently developed into a superpower, challenging the human supremacy. Currently wages war against Caelin. The extensive use of radioactive fuel has badly poisoned the surrounding area, making it off limits to most living creatures. Metropolis Undead Hexxarin Open
Svanteberg A rather medieval icy city whose inhabitants just so happens to be proud Bears. They like beer and tough adventurers. Small Efferii Esferin Open
Verdeluz Protected by Muse Harrowyn, Verdeluz is a settlement of Wild Cats in Harrowoods. The Dynasty of White Tigers has its stone palace there, and all Efferii look up to them. Small Efferii Esferin Open


Name Description Size Race Language Status
Luxe Metropolis Dolls & Clockwork Avarin Closed
Omen Omen - the home of the Sombras - rumbles across the landscape cloaked in the dark cloud, in search of treasure and antiquity. A mobile city of stone and marble, it floats in an enchanted shroud of dense gray fog and can transport itself between gates to access the realms beyond Ravenheim. Medium Sombras Floreo Open

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