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The winged race endeared to the Heron Goddess, Aria. Most serve her still, within the eternal city of Isis, but some have chosen a different path.


Clockwork A race of humanoid automatons. Created by the Dolls, and crafted of diverse materials, they're made animate through dreaming soul-capsules called 'Aspects'. Yes
Dark Elves Ruthless dark-skinned Elves with a very bad reputation. They have managed to fuse their dark magick with modern technology to make a powerful force. Yes
Demons The most diverse race of Nyxheim. Demons are seen by most races as inferior wild beasts, but not all of them are so. However, they do have a tendency towards cruelty and brutality. Yes
Dolls Powerful dolls handmade by the Goddess Raven with the ability to twist the dreaming. They are unmatchable builders with an eerie air about them. No
Dragons Legendary winged reptiles of two subspecies, those of Fire and those of Ice. Very few of them remain. Several are in the wild, but the White Dragons are said to live amongst the Moon Elves of Altamira and it is believed that the Red Dragons defend the crown of the Solidor Dynasty in Malekith. Yes
Efferii Humanoids with the ability to turn into animals. Their beastly instincts remain even when in their human form. They are divided into six main tribes: the Northern Wolves of Nifredil, the Ice Bears of Svanteberg, the Wild Cats of Harrowoods, the Birds of Prey of Caliwind, the Birds of Paradise of Evergreen, and the Black Spiders of the Hallow Lands. Yes
Fae Small butterfly winged creatures with a youthful spirit and a very strong talent for magick. They are so close to nature that they often speak for the Muses. Yes
Gorgons Sepentine beings of power and grace, feared for their rituals of cannibalism and enslavement.  They are a proud people capable of great beauty amongst terrible trajedy. Yes
Humans Fathers of technology and modernity, humans are a brilliant race at the vanguard of progress. Even those who hate them admit their great ingenuity. Yes
Incubi Sensual, passionate and artistic, the incubi have remained invisible to the public eye, and seem more like legend than reality. They lure their victims with their bodies and chain them with love. Their hedonism knows no bounds. Yes
Phoenix The fire birds who serve the Sun God Kyrieth. In their human incarnations, they appear as red headed gypsies and fire dancers.  No
Sombras Sombras are the Shade creatures that reside in the floating city of fog, Omen. They are talented shape-shifters interested only in knowledge, science, and art. Yes
Undead Although Undead is more a state of being than a race, they have developed their own collective sense of culture. Within their ranks are various types, such as Ghouls, Vampires, Wights, and Spectres.


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Moon Elves

Two races that, with the passing of centuries, have become very similar in culture and physiology. The Elves are the champions of the Muses, the leaders of the resistance against industrialization.


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