Card Landscape by Branflakes2


It takes great power to create a new High Deity, but once born they can never be unmade save by their own power, or by another of their kind. In practice a divinity of this immense strength and influence can only be formed by the fusion of countless souls, and their power, as a result, can seem unending to mere mortals still limited to but a single existence, a single soul. This accounts for their apparent omnipresence and omniscience. Nevertheless, a High Deity is not equal to the sum of its parts. It can not be defined by the souls that formed it any more than a chemical equation can be defined by the elements used in its creation. In the same way that Water (H2O) is formed by both Hydrogen and Oxygen but retains few if any of the chemical properties of either element, a High Diety might be formed of countless thousands of souls but resemble none. As a High Deity is created, all the souls merge like elements in a chemical reaction causing them to lose the essence of what they were and interact in a kind of symbiosis such that they enhance each other and exponentially increase their power. For that reason High Deities are of a depth and complexity of both consciousness and power that is utterly beyond the understanding of a mortal's meager mind.

Another defining aspect of a High Deity is that each time they are born a planet is born with them. It is this world they naturally feel compelled to look after and give life to, like an empty canvas whose borders and depth could be limitless. They feel such a fiery passion and motherly love for their work of art that they could go on creating, changing, breaking, doing, and undoing till the end of time. Yet, sometimes, Gods and Goddesses get tired, disappointed or heartsick of their creation and they choose to either close their eyes and sleep for eternity (should they love their children still), or they could choose to die, in which case the world also ends, for neither can exist without the other. As far as High Deities goes, only three concern the history, present and future of Nyxheim: Kyrieth, Aria, and Raven. Each has his or her own realm.

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