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Greetings wandering soul and welcome to the World of Nyxheim’s Wiki, the Nyxbook! Within the pages of this virtual encyclopedia you will find all our current lore. Nyxheim is a work in progress, and will remain so until the last story is told. Please note that there are two different types of "lore" in this wiki, canon and non-canon.

  • Canon lore is the official lore of the world. It is regulated by the Crown (Administration) so everything is carefully thought out, logical, balanced, and in harmony. Every Nyxie (member) can suggest additions or edits to canon lore by petitioning a revision of his/her proposed content. All canon lore can be identified by the seal of the Monarch, a red phoenix emblem at the end of each article.
  • Since Nyxheim is all about fostering creativity and writing skills, we have also empowered our Nyxies to create their own lore. If proposed content is not approved by the Monarch, it can still remain in the Nyxbook for the use of any who wishes as non-canon lore. Non-canon lore is not revised by the Crown and as such it is not regulated in any way. It could range from special additions to the lore to a completely new alternative universe to be used on the Misc Stories section in the forum. Non-canon lore does not have the Monarch's seal at the end of the article, and it all belongs to the "Non-Canon" category. 

Always look for the Red Phoenix Seal at the end of each article so that you can distinguish between these two types of lore. Only canon-lore is accepted to craft a chracter for the main role-play zones of Nyxheim.

Now without furhter delays, please feel free to enjoy the lore of our world: 

World Book
Cities of Nyxheim
Races of Nyxheim

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