Phoenix Flare

The Phoenixes are a race born from the ashes of the Old World. They are Kyrieth’s guardians, the gatekeepers of Kyrheim, and the main pieces he moves to purse his interests throughout Nyxheim.

Every Phoenix is a piece of Kyrieth’s soul, a flame of Sol Invictus. As such they are immortal and whenever killed in battle, they are reborn from their ashes. Unfortunately, being part of Deity also has its drawbacks. Phoenixes lack something every other race takes for granted, free will. They are an extension of the Golden Phoenix’s will, a reflection of what he could be.

Their natural form is a bird with crimson and fiery feathers. In Kyrheim, it is considered of luck to see them crossing the skies like a comet. They do however posses a humanoid form. As a matter of fact, they are often amidst the people playing the role of travelling and seductive fire dancers moving with godly grace.

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Phoenix, by Heise

It was very early in the history of Nyxheim when the rumors spread saying that phoenixes disguised themselves as red haired travelers of fair skin and elegant moves. It did not take long for many a clever man and woman to dye their hair red in hopes of receiving the hospitality, gifts, and favors of unsuspecting devotees of Kyrieth. As a result, a culture of traveling gypsies was formed. Now, throughout Nyxheim everyone believes that these red-haired fire dancers, singers, and actors are just problematic bands of gypsies playing an old trick that no one falls for anymore. They are treated with disdain given that there are many thieves, tricksters, and smugglers amidst them. The truth however is that there are still Phoenixes amidst the people, and some of them even amidst these gypsies joining them in their mischief.

An important fact to remark is that there are no female Phoenixes. All of them are males; so if a beautiful red-haired woman promises you immortality for a price, do not believe her.

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