[Restricted]Prophesy Called 'Tarot', this is the magick of other-sight.
Scrying The art of scrying, or see glimpses of the past, present, or future in a reflective surface has been around in one for or another since the very beginnings of magic. Often referred to as a kind of second sight this magic is most effective when used as a means of seeing across great distances to catch glimpses of far off places.
Dreaming A form of magic formed almost exclusively around predictions of the future the art of dreaming is least easy to control of the Prophesy magics. When the dreams do come, however, they offer not just glimpses, but clear pictures of things that have not yet been but might still come to pass. It is said that the clearest dreams do not just show a single future, but countless that might come from the branching web of decisions set out before us.
Reading Tarot cards, tea leaves, even palms all hold glimpses of secrets buried far from uninitiated eyes. like scrying the art of reading is not limited to the events of the future. Rather this form of magic finds its main stock and trade in the secrets people hide away. It can offer glimpses of the future, but he most gifted readers know that it can be more revealing to see into the heart of man.